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Some of our Flavours (Past & Present)


Lemon & Rooibos | Lemon & Granadilla | Lemon & Basil | Strawberry & Mint | Strawberry & Sichuan Pepper | Pineapple & Rum | Mojito | PawPaw & Ginger | PawPaw & Mint |Mango | Rosted Nectarine & Rosemary | Fig & Pinotage | Watermelon & Cucumber | Chocolate | Passion Fruit & Naartjie | Gin & Tonic | Melon & Basil |Kiwi | Pear & Nougatine | Apple & Spice | Limoncello |Grapefruit & Gin

Ice Cream:

Vanilla Pod | Chocolate | Salted Caramel | Coconut | Olive oil | Caramelised Banana | Fresh Mint & Chocolate Chips | Strawberry |Kayrin Coffee |Frozen Yoghurt & Caramel Swirl |Pistachio | Cardamone & nuts | Christmas Pudding | Cointreau | Onion | Brownie | Rum & Raisin

Sorbet is basically the best local fruit possible + water + sugar. It’s not just about the fruit, texture is of great importance. The key is getting very ripe, healthy fruit and finding the right balance to express intense flavour and a creamy texture through churning and cooling. 

Our sorbets change every few months with the seasons, although right now they are changing every day with my experiments, you will see them come and go. You can experience some of our more adventurous sorbets like chocolate, Rooibos and others… And of course, our cones are homemade and hand-rolled!

Special events

Impress your guests with this pretty and unique dessert. Easy to serve and eat, these frozen cupcakes each combine two flavours, layered with cookie dough or brownie.
Please note there is a minimum of 12 ice-cream cupcakes per order.

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